Teamwork Keeps Cal Baptist Tradition Flowing

Kugel Fountain 1

Cal Baptist University’s Kugel Fountain is an important part of the student experience at the school.

College campuses thrive on landmarks and traditions. A Sundt team recently helped keep one going at California Baptist University in Riverside.

Already on campus for an events center, we were asked by the university to replace the Kugel Fountain, a floating granite globe sculpture located in the Ronald L. and Jane Dowden Ellis Great Commission Plaza.

The fountain was out of commission and a new globe was being manufactured in Germany. University administration needed a reliable contractor to make sure the fountain remained an important part of student life and we were more than happy to help.

Work included replacement of the globe, colored concrete around the base, the water storage tank and all piping, pumps and filters. Our crews also added the capability to monitor the Kugel remotely.

“Cal Baptist University is an excellent client,” said Project Manager Lars Fredrickson. “They look to Sundt as their trusted advisor.”

Tradition calls for newly enrolled students to touch the Kugel as they begin their studies and again on commencement day. The Kugel plays a similar role for participants in other activities such as International Service Projects. The tradition symbolizes each student’s commitment to live a life of purpose in accordance with his or her spiritual beliefs.

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