College Road Trip All About Finding Interns

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Sundt University Relations Recruiter Michael Morales spent time working as an intern earlier this year to better understand what students do on jobsites.

As Sundt’s University Relations Recruiter, Michael Morales spends several weeks each fall on the road talking with college students who could someday end up working for the company.

Mike Morales photoMichael’s first task is to identify which students would be the good fits for the company as interns. He will visit several campuses between now and November to find students who will work for us at one of our jobsites or offices next summer.

Michael took a few minutes off from packing his bags for the big trip to answer questions about our internship program.

What does Sundt do to recruit college interns?

Sundt targets campuses across the nation that produce students with high potential. My role as the University Relations Recruiter is to attend job fairs, present information sessions on the company, host Q&As and have our college alumni building working relationships with students. Sundt has a great reputation, which is why we average 30-plus interviews at each campus we visit.

How long are the internships?

They typically last 10 to 12 weeks. However, some students have co-ops that last much longer, and we have the ability to keep interns on part time throughout the school year.

What are the most common majors for our interns?

The most common major we see is Construction Management. We have employed interns with all different majors, though, including Civil, Mechanical, Engineering Technology, Mining and even Software Engineering.

What kind of work do interns perform?

It varies. They assist superintendents, work job specifications and drawings, process requests for information/submittals, attend safety inspections, work with Building Information Modeling, etc.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy seeing our interns become full-time employee-owners. Our internship program is a great way to train, mentor and filter our top performers into full-time positions upon graduation. I also enjoy traveling to schools across the U.S. and showing students why Sundt is the company to work for.

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Interns Head Back to Class After a Summer of Sundt

Intern BusSundt’s Class of 2016 has clocked out for the last time. The 64 interns who came to the company for a summer of construction experience have completed their work and headed back to school.

This group of interns came from 25 colleges and universities across the country: Alabama to Cal Poly. They worked on projects in Arizona, Arkansas, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Texas.

We appreciate all their hard work and look forward to seeing many of them as employee-owners in the future.

Want to get on the intern bus next year? Get in touch with Talent Acquisition & University Relations Specialist Michael Morales at (480) 293-3012.

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